Help Amiga Virus Encyclopedia

How can I help?

You can help me by sending viruses for Commodore Amiga1.

What will you do with these?

First of all, the viruses I did not have before will have a place in my personal Amiga virus collection. Secondly, they will be analysed and posted here at the Amiga Virus Enyclopedia.

Do you spread viruses?

No, of course not.

Which viruses do you need?

I have assembled a wanted list of viruses here2.

I have an Amiga virus you don't have, where can I send them to?

Please send the viruses to following email address: ed.xmg|tuolwec#LIAME
Also please zip/lha the files you send and declare the attachment clearly as a virus also stating this in the subject, something like CAUTION AMIGAVIRUS.

Cheers :-)

1 Please do not send viruses for IBM PC, they are boring and not wanted here at AVE :-)
2 Sorry, not yet, I will assemble this list asap and bring it online.

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